Environmentally-Friendly and Disaster Resistant Roofing

Recycled Rubber Roofing

It seems that the entire country now is trying to be earth friendly and people are buying smarter than any previous generation. Whether its cars or household-goods construction materials or even roofing restoration, people want to do the least amount of damage possible to the environment.

There Must Be Demand For the Products

However, the demand must be there before a company begins to manufacture environment-friendly materials. One sector that has seen the demand is roofing. There are now companies that make rubber roofing materials from recycled rubber and plastics. What’s great about these roofs is they will last longer than many other roofing materials.


Rubber Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

Rubber slate has now become the environmentally friendly rubber roofing. Many of the rubber slates with a fifty-year warranty, and they protect the house while being light in weight. These tiles weigh about one pound. Because it is made from plastics and rubber, it is excellent protection from hail and heavy rains. Rubber slate is indeed a great product that helps the environment while protecting the home. These are either nailed in place with copper roofing nails, stainless nails, and the rubber roofing is never at risk to break when installing.

More About Rubber Roofing

There is also a rubber slate that is manufactured for the US west coast. These rubber tiles are fire safe and seismic safe. In other words, the rubber roofing will not fall apart from regular earthquakes and like a metal roofing won’t catch fire as ordinary rubber can.

The Perfect Solution for Shake Roof Replacement

For roofs that were initially cedar shakes, there is now a rubber shake that looks excellent and won’t burn as a cedar shake would. Many people say that people cannot tell the difference between cedar shake and rubber shakes. They are made by producing different lengths of tiles that are much as wood tiles would be. The benefit of this rubber roofing is that the shakes can be created in different colors so that they can look unique and it adds an architectural accent to the house.

The Environment-Friendly Roof That Last a Lifetime

These rubber roofing tiles are just a small sample of what’s available in the marketplace. One way to get more information is to go to one of the large home warehouses and ask for information. People can also go onto the internet and search through the different websites. When people are having a new home built or just replacing an existing roof, rubber roofing is a way to participate in helping the planet and putting a beautiful roof on a house. A person should consider using rubber roofing. They will not need to replace the roof again in their lifetime.