Cleaning Up After a Calamity

The Challenge Is the Clean Up

Being hit by a calamity such as a flood, fire or cyclones is devastating as it is. However, the more significant challenge lies in cleaning up the aftermath as early as possible and trying to restore whatever it is that you can salvage. Taking into consideration the economic aspect, you may want to cut on cost and do the cleaning job yourself. However, there are cleanup jobs that you cannot do yourself and have to employ the services of professional water damage restoration service.

Wait For Safety Inspection

Going back home right after a calamity will not be wise as it might be dangerous to do so.  You have to have local authorities such as the police or firefighters inspect your place before entering it for security reasons. After a fire, you will most likely need the permission of the fire marshall to re-enter the property.

Inform Your Insurance Company

If your house is insured, it would be best to inform your insurance company of the experienced calamity immediately so their adjuster can start processing the claim. They can even give you helpful tips or endorse local reputable disaster cleaning companies.  The insurance company will appreciate your efforts to undertake the cleaning up parts of your home that do not need the specialized equipment or specialists. For the following tasks, however, experienced and professional fire restoration contractors should be employed for best and quickest results.

Water Damage restoration equiment

Mold remediation: Having a prolonged damp environment is one of the best conditions for mold growth. So after a fire or flood, the home should be rid of stagnant water as soon as possible because molds can develop in a couple of days or less.  Only a professional licensed mold remediation company with the right equipment can do this expediently.

Cleaning up water damage: After a calamity which exposes a property to excessive water (fire or flood), the property owner should endeavor to extract the excessive water the soonest possible time.  The water damage restoration contractor can remove the water and clear out the debris to identify which of the items can still be salvaged. The affected areas, as well as the furniture and fixtures, should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Last, the entire affected area must be dried out.

Cleaning Up After Fire: The stench of smoke can seep into everything that it touches following a fire.  The resulting soot can discolor and damage any object it lands on.  Cleaning up after a fire can be a monstrous job that needs the expertise of professional water damage restoration contractor to clean up all the rabbles and take out the smoke odor from the entire building not to mention the air conditioning and heating systems. The water used to put out the fire must be removed and the area and all furnishing must be dried out,

Restoration of Documents: After cleaning out all the debris, next in line of things to do is seeing the extent of damage to your legal documents and personal records.  Depending on the degree of damage, you might have to employ the services of companies specializing in restoration of documents using some modern techniques.  Some of these are freeze drying, air drying and dehumidifying.

It’s a Job for the Professionals

To fully recover from these type of calamities you will almost certainly need professional help. Trying a do it yourself approach usually only make things worse. Water and Smoke damage is very difficult to recover from and recovery requires the use of specialized equipment and trained professionals. If you live in the Austin TX area
ATEX Water Damage Restoration is your best bet.