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Advanced Outlook Express DBX Recovery Help

Recovering lost emails using advanced outlook express dbx recovery is very simple , ensure you have all instances of outlook express closed or you will get an access error.

To search for dbx files through out your hard disk click auto scan , this may take some time but will save you trying to find them manually.

To select a dbx file from another location such as memory stick or hard drive click open dbx file and select the location , this will then appear under DBX files on the left hand side.

If your dbx files do not appear under autoscan files then you will have to find them manually using the open dbx file.

You can include deleted emails by checking the deleted items box, this will recover emails that have been "Permently" removed from deleted items or other folders , be warned that in the deleltion process about 1% of the email is lost and will appear as [??] throughout the email , this also means that recovery of attachments from permenantly deleted emails is unlikely , this option is mostly used to emails containing important information such as usernames and passwords.

Once you have the folder you want to recover from you can filter by a keyword , this filters the message list and returns only emails with the keyword in the message text , you can also sort emails by clicking on the column headers.

To recover emails you simply check each email you want or use the check all button and then click export selected .

The export process saves your emails in the EML format (can be opened by any email client including windows mail,thunderbird,outlook and outlook express) in the folder you select .

The export process saves the email including any attachments and these can be opened by going to your export folder and clicking the eml file which will launch your email client and show you the email including all formating .

To import them back into outlook express it's a simple case of opening the folder in explorer and dragging all the eml files into the folder you want them to be restored to.

Please be aware that the preview show the raw email and does not format e-mails , these e-mails show normally in your email client.

Registration Help
Once your registration key has been purchased you will receive an e-mail with the actual key , the registration process requires you enter in the email exactly as was put on the order form and the registration key that was sent out.