Can Your Damaged Carpet be Restored?

Damaged Carpet Restoration

Rugs and carpets which are seemingly destroyed in fires or floods can now be restored. Thankfully there are dedicated carpet rehabilitation companies to do just that. If you find the right company, they can do wonders in restoring your damaged carpet. After the restoration and a thorough carpet cleaning, you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of your old carpet in no time at all.

Choices Before Replacement

There are so many circumstances which can cause damage to your carpet. However, there are some necessary procedures for restoring carpet before deciding on a replacement.


Fire Damage Restoration

Rugs and carpets exposed to fire can end up badly because smoke and black soot can seep into the fiber of the carpet leaving it with a horrible smell. If the damage is terrible, then perhaps only a miracle can restore it and maybe it would be more practical just to replace it. If only parts of the carpet have were exposed to the fire, it is highly possible that the carpet cleaning restoration company can cut the damaged portions and change it with new fibers that will bring it to its original condition. Additionally, it should also undergo a thorough carpet cleaning and disinfect to take out the foul smell.

Water Damage Restoration

On the other hand, if the carpet were exposed to water as well, then additional things would have to be dealt with such as shrinkage and molds or fungus associated with being soaked in water and remaining damp for a long time. If the carpet was not thoroughly soaked or was salvaged from the water immediately, then a trip to the carpet steam cleaners can do the trick.  Washing and disinfecting through steam cleaning with some cleaning agents such as ammonia will nearly restore it to its original condition.  Dry the carpet thoroughly to prevent molds from developing in it.  Sunning it will be great, but if that is not possible, it should be fanned or placed in an air-conditioned room until it dries.

Padding Is Usually Not Salvageable

Materials used as carpet padding will not be as easy to restore, and therefore better just to be replaced.  After removing the carpet, the flor should also be cleaned very well with soap and disinfectant and dried to prevent mildew from developing in it. Very heavy rugs which difficult to lift can be held up on chairs or other old, tall pieces of furniture, but not for long because this will deform the shape of the carpet.

Sometimes Replacement is the Only Choice

However, if the damaged carpet is beyond salvaging, then you have to let it go because, at this point, carpet replacement is a better option than spending too much on an unsuccessful rehabilitation of your damaged carpet


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